1151 (Wallsend) Squadron
1151 (Wallsend) Sqn
Flying - Duke of Edinburgh - Marksmanship - Adventurous Training



Officer Commanding

Sgt (ATC) Glenn Milburn is our current Officer Commanding. He Started his RAF Air Cadet career as a Civilian Instructor in 2015. After a time as Squadron Training Officer, he decided to progress into uniform and passed his selection board in March 2017. Sgt (ATC) G.Milburn is a Qualified First Aider, Skill At Arms Instructor and Shooting Coach and takes a leading role in Squadron Shooting activities.

Deputy Officer Commanding

1151 Squadron is currently without a Deputy Officer Commanding and are currently looking for a promising individual to fulfill the role.

Squadron Adult NCO's

Other the the Officer Commanding, 1151 currently doesn't have any Adult Non-Commissioned Officers on squadron, but recruitment, development and training is an on-going process. Cadets can progress through the ranks to become an Adult NCO's or new adult volunteers aged over 20 can join the ATC as a Civilian Instructor and then if they wish, they can progress into the role.

Civilian Insructors

The majority of the staff on Squadron consists of Civilian Instructors (CIs). CIs help organise and run a variety of activities, whether these are conducted on or off the Squadron. The CIs at 1151 (Wallsend) are vital in the nightly running of the Squadron and delivery of training to the cadets.

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